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Intense Milky White Misbaha Rosary Pure 99 Baltic Amber Islamic Worry Beads

Premium quality Hand Made Genuine Baltic Amber
Beads size ~ 9 mm
33 beads, between each 11 beads small amber chips
Hand Made of 100% Genuine Baltic Amber
Weight: 42.7 grams
Color: Milky White
Imam size: 37 x 8 mm

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  • Overview

    Islamic prayer beads known as Misbaha or Tasbih.

    It has different types as 33 count tasbih which made by 33 beads to count 3 times,  99 beads and swing beads which is used as hand accessory by gentlemen.

    Tasbih Prayer Beads make counting your Tasbih or Dhikr prayers simple and easy.

    Handmade of 100% Genuine Baltic Amber.

    Every bead in this prayer is formed from a single nugget of Natural Baltic Amber. 

    Craftsman doesn’t change unique properties of amber. Production process consist of cutting amber to the right size, forming beads and then polishing them.

    Also the weight is not the same in two almost identical pieces of amber stone or beads made of it. There are acceptable manufacturing tolerances. 

    The color of the presented image may vary from one computer monitor to another.

    Every amber stone is different so you cannot get two identical pieces of amber – that is why it is so unique.

    Colors may appear to you slightly different than they actually are.

    We guarantee 100% quality of our items.

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