Our company Amstone Jewelry is located on the shore of Gdansk Bay. Being so close to the world center of amber industry guarantees the quality of our products. Since year 2000 we have been proud of producing and selling probably the finest amber in the world thanks to our craftsmen who can make a real piece of art with their unusual skills and over 20-year experience.

Our company is well-known for making unique necklaces, bracelets, pendants, amber rings, rosaries, amber donuts and we also handle specific orders from our customers. All the products you can find in our store are handmade and created from pure Baltic Amber.


Thanks to amber trade, Gdansk used to be one of the richest European cities before the 14th century. The Teutonic Order managed to limit creativity of local craftsmen for over 150 years when they produced mainly rosaries. But when the first guild of amber craftsmen from Gdansk was established (1477) they even created finer products. And amber items created by them reached courts of princes and kings throughout the whole of Europe and were the most precious diplomatic gifts for popes and sultans. Craftsmen produced decorative and usable goods such as boxes covered with amber relief, ship models, candlestics, chess sets, mugs, vases, plates and mirrors with amber frame.


Techniques employed by masters from Gdansk are kept alive today. In the amber markets of Europe, the far East and America you will find Polish amber craftsmen in a dominant role and it's no surprise to find the craftsmen of Gdansk taking the lead.

There's no doubt this profession requires precision since its final outcome is a luxury product. In the 16th century amber craftsmen used to be a small elite guild. Only when an old master died, the next apprentice could apply for membership. This situation took place in Gdansk. The luxury jewelry they made was the finest amber product in Europe. The whole production process was based on handicraft. Nowadays the tradition of handmade amber is still alive, and that is why it is so unique.


Despite of the fact our company was established not so long ago, in 2013, we managed to win our client's trust. We are proud to sell to numerous distant countries, just to mention a few:

  • the US
  • Australia
  • China
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia
  • the United Arab Emirates
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • France

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Jewelry we offer is designed by Polish artists and then created by craftsmen with 20-year experience who mastered a difficult and unique art of shaping amber. Undoubtedly the fact they use amber from the Baltic Sea (Gdansk Bay) makes our jewelry special. The guarantee of our products quality, safe delivery and fact that our jewelry is made of Natural Baltic Amber are the reasons our customers trust us and appreciate Amston Jewelry Company.


If you intend to place an order please contact us via email or phone number given at the top of this site.

Making amber jewelry is laborious and precise process. In case of bigger orders we need about 30 working days to complete your request.


Since our products are shipped directly from Poland, we are able to reduce costs and offer you Baltic Amber at the best possible price.


Once you order a product you are notified of the item being dispatched and also you are given a tracking number at Polish Postal Service, which is known to be reliable and effective. You can then track the entire journey online.


We ship worldwide. Parcels are sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.