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Green Amber Pendant with inclusions, Natural Amber Pendant and 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

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Material: Genuine Natural Amber and 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

Color: Green /Gold

Stone Size: 22*46 mm

Weight: 10.4 grams

Delivery: Ships worldwide from Poland

  • Handmade in Poland
  • A very lasting keepsake for a lifetime
  • A wonderful gift
  • The highest quality materials
  • Unique and special look
  • Original - we have a certificate
  • Excellent workmanship guaranteed
  • Brings happiness, positively affects the psyche, stimulates creativity

Reference code: NC20240109-2205

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Green Amber Pendant with inclusions, Natural Amber Pendant and 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

Green Amber Pendant with inclusions, Natural Amber Pendant and 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated

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Amber often contains inclusions - objects or creatures locked inside, such as insects, leaves or pollen. These inclusions are natural time capsules, bringing us fragments of the prehistoric world.

Discover the mysterious charm of our green amber pendant, where nature intertwines with the mystical energy of inclusions. It is a story of thousands of years, green glow and unique inner worlds. Each inclusion adds a unique story to this pendant. It is not only jewelry, but also a journey through the ages, where each line and inclusion tells a story about the extraordinary beauty of nature. The gold frame delicately surrounds the green amber, emphasizing its natural glow. By wearing this pendant, you are transported to the world of nature, where the green stone becomes an amulet connecting you with the earth and history.

Handmade Baltic Amber Pendant of premium quality.

           Every stone in this pendant is formed from a single nugget of Natural Baltic Amber. They are the highest quality Baltic Amber beads that you can get .

           These beads are the highest quality product. Pendant like this are classified as Natural Amber Jewellery. Craftsman doesn’t change unique properties of amber. Production process consist of cutting amber to the right size, forming beads and then polishing them.

             Also the weight is not the same in two almost identical pieces of amber stone or beads made of it. There are acceptable manufacturing tolerances. You will get an item which matches closely to the given weight.

              Other colors and sizes are also available. If you have any special requirements or questions please contact us.

              The color of the presented image may vary from one computer monitor to another. It is caused by diversity of amber stones. Every amber stone is different so you cannot get two identical pieces of amber – that is why it is so unique.

In short, colors may appear to you slightly different than they actually are.

We guarantee 100% quality of our items.


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