Amberstone - JCK Las Vegas

Amberstone - JCK Las Vegas

Amberstone - Beauty to Offer

Amber jewelry can be exceptional, but if no one is aware of its beauty then it might as well not exist. Even the greatest products need some form of attention drawn to it. Superb amber jewelry and wide recognition need to go hand in hand. How to achieve it? We needed to reach hundreds of buyers in a short amount of time to improve our sales performance and make profits. We were looking for new customers and trying to maintain even better relationship with current ones in a friendly and warm atmosphere. We were hoping to increase our sales by adding new merchandise categories to our product list but we wanted to act upon customer feedback.

Amberstone - JCK Las Vegas

For the reasons listed above we decided to show our Baltic amber jewelry in booth no. 15150 at JCK Las Vegas May 31,2019-June 3 2019.

Over 18,800 buyers and 7,800 storefronts, including 1,200 new retail stores (2018) make the event one of the most influential ones in the jewelry industry. It's a must for those looking to discover what’s new and trendy in the jewelry market. Although the majority of retailers come from the US, the international merchandise is also welcome.


Amberstone - Baltic Amber

Our amber jewelry is unique for numerous reasons. First of all, it's made of pure Baltic amber, over 90% of the world's extractable amber is still located in nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea. Since our company is located on the shore of the Gdansk Bay in Poland, we can purchase premium quality Baltic amber which comes in a wide range of colors: lemon, egg yolk, honey, cherry, cognac, butterscotch and various bead sizes. To display its beauty we hire experienced craftsmen and designers, who create lines of products, exceptional pieces of jewelry such as amber rosaries, amber prayer beads (Misbaha), hand carved pendants, bracelets, earringsnecklaces and rings. The durability and quality workmanship make our products perfect for your use everyday.

Amberstone - Perfect Match

Since we offer exceptional amber jewelry: unique necklaces, bracelets, pendants, amber rings, rosaries, amber donuts, it was important to reach customers who were interested in this type of product. Fortunately, we could count on JCK Match program designed to match registered attendees with specific exhibitors who provide the exact products they were looking for. Most importantly, these recommendations are not sponsored — they are based on the information provided during the registration thus considered reliable by visitors. The solution saves time and provides successful on-site experience. Clients who found us thanks to JCK Match knew exactly what they needed and were amber jewelry fans.

Amberstone - Online Coverage

Last but not least, we had a chance to present our products not only to on-site visitors but also to those who follow them in social media. JCK Las Vegas events are covered by numerous bloggers and social influencers. All together it gives 60,000+ social followers, people who appreciate new ideas, new trends, who focus on finding the cutting edge designs and excellent craftsmanship.

Amberstone - Success Story

JCK Las Vegas gave us opportunity to reach thousands of people, not only onsite but also online, as a result we gained followers on Instagram (amstone.amber) and Facebook ( However, the most valuable asset was the opportunity to show foreign customers the timeless beauty of Baltic amber, handcrafted and designed to meet the highest standards. JCK Las Vegas visitors were especially interested in amber prayer beads (Misbaha), a product line that became our priority.

Soon, we are going to display natural Baltic amber jewelry at Dubai Jewellery Show and UBM September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.