Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic Prayer Beads


Prayer beads are common in many religions, they used when praying to concentrate and meditate. Islamic prayer beads are called subha, which means "praise to God". There are also other names misbaha, tasbih, dhikr beads or worry beads. Since prayer beads are popular they come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. The cheapest ones are mass-produced misbaha made of glass, wood or plastic. Obviously the most desired prayer beads are those made of expensive materials like amber or gemstone. 


Our prayer beads look exceptional because we use high quality natural Baltic amber which makes the jewelry unique. It 's genuine, not fabricated in any way. It's important for those who pray to handle natural material since manipulating smooth worry beads is also a way to relax.

100% natural amber is more pleasant to touch than non-organic materials such as metal or even minerals. Baltic amber prayer beads can be helpful in the attempt to reach a spiritual state of mind. It's said the best quality amber comes from Poland this is where we get our material from since our company is located on the shore of the Bay of Gdansk, a part of the Baltic Sea.

Customers who are looking for a genuine product may have a difficulty to distinguish real amber prayer beads from fake ones. That's why it's so important to check if a store has a certificate. Our certificate states clearly "Amstone Amber uses genuine amber in all trade activities and complies with fair trade rules and regulations. "


The color differs significantly ranging from white (the most expensive) to cognac. Other colors:
• Lemon,
• Antique,
• Egg Yolk,
• Honey,
• Cherry,
• Royal White,
• Beeswax,
• Butterscotch

Misbaha usually have a uniform color of the beads throughout a single strand but it also can vary among sets. All depends on your personal taste which one to choose, every color has its unique appeal and since amber beads are natural, you won't find two identical beads.

Probably the most common beads shape used in misbaha is round but you can also buy olive beads and melon ones, sometimes separated by flat disks made of natural amber as well. You can also notice a larger, leader bead and a tassel at one end, it's a starting point of recitations. Islamic prayer beads have either 33 beads, or 99 beads in three groups of 33.

Depending on the choice of shape and color, each subha looks different and becomes a unique piece of jewelry which can become a part of you home decor, some people hang subha in their cars or simply carry everywhere they go in their pockets to be able to use prayer beads any time.


We create amber jewelry of high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. Each misbaha is designed and handcrafted by the best artisans in the area. Apart from creating desired shapes of beads they may also carve ornaments on each bead, the final effect is outstanding and can only be achieved by experienced craftsmen.

A timeless tradition of craftsmanship blurs the distinction between the spiritual and the wordly.